Perfion - the ultimate product database

Perfion is the ultimate product database. You create your own product database by describing your product in Perfion. As you describe your product, the system/product database builds itself with screenshots, update fields, lead texts and then puts a number of tools available, so you can quickly and efficiently maintain your products.

There os no need for a programmer to create the perfect product database for your products. Whether your product is a pen or a satellite, YOU can build a product database with Perfion.

Different data types are not a problem anymore. Whatever data you want to store, in your product database, your wishes will be supported by Perfion. Your product database can contain both texts(in several languages), figures and calculations, photos, movies, and flash files, drawings and what you would like to store in your product database. Data from other systems are easily imported using Perfions import tools by which the product database quickly becomes complete. Do you have data in other systems where these are maintained, mirrored these data in Perfion archive 100% data centralization.

In addition to being the ultimate product database, Perfion is also used to publish product data. For example, use Perfions built-in report generator to build: product catalogs, product sheets, flyers, price lists or use the WEB components to publish product data on a company website.

Perfion is a 100% standard PIM tool. Update roll outs are quickly implemented regardless of how many products and data you have chosen to save.