Perfion - The most cost-effective Product Information Management - PIM solution on the market


Perfion is the ultimate PIM solution

Perfion is a powerful PIM(Product Information Management) and PLM(Product Lifecycle Management) solution for the maintenance and publication of product data. Since its release on the world market, Perfion has proven its unique technology through successful implementations with short payback / ROI of 6 to 14 months.

Perfion is a good investment, both short and long term.

Perfion = 100% product centralization.

What is Perfion' capabilities?

With Perfion, all your company's product data gets organized once and for all. ERP data, sales and marketing data, technical data and all other forms of product data will be handled by Perfion (pictures, movies, presentations, catalog and price list data, etc.). There are no restrictions, Perfion handles all product data, enabling the organization to identify all the data in one place.

Perfion handles all products

Perfion handles all products of any complexity. Does your product have a complex product structure, this will be supported by Perfions inheritance-tools , thus the maintenance work into top gear.

100% centralization

Data from external systems, such as ERP data can be mirrored in Perfion. This has the great advantage that all product data is gathered in one place, so to ensure 100% centralization without access and publishing is inhibited.

Publish your products where you want, when you want

With Perfion follows a number of tools for publishing product information. Thus, among the following it is possible to:
  • Build catalogs, price lists and brochures directly in Perfion
  • Print and attach QR codes
  • Maintain search functions on your website directly from Perfion.
  • Use InDesign as a design tool if desired, rather than using Perfions own designtool
  • Export output to other file formats such as PDF, HTML and MHT
  • Send output data directly to mail
  • Language- and currency control output (e.g. Print your Spanish catalog in Euro')
  • Archive and organize new and old data
Does one needs other systems to retrieve data from Perfion, this can be done through Perfions standard interface. 

Perfion is the perfect solution for professional companies with complex requirements.

Do you want to reduce costs for your company, contact PicoPublish and book a Perfion demo - it is of course free of charge and without obligations.



The Perfion PIM system ensures overall up-to-date product data and the ability to easily manage product information across all your present and future marketing and commerce channels. Perfion supports all types of data including photos, films and files. Data from ERP are easily published in Perfion via live links. Furthermore, you can manage all data from your suppliers and business partners directly in Perfion. Perfion is Built-to-Change making it easy and quick to generate pricelists, catalogs and data sheets automatically. In addition, Perfion works with all your other IT solutions so that websites, e-Commerce and apps handle constant changes in requirements with no extra expense to you. Perfion PIM is a 100% standard application that efficiently improves your product processes and ensures that all employees, customers and partners have up-to-date product data.
Many customers around the world have chosen Perfion to manage their product information. The main reason is that Perfion supports all types of data. Perfion manages anything from ERP data, photos, videos and files to specific software details - basically, all data that a business can have.
Another reason for choosing Perfion is the ability to easily manage and maintain huge amounts of product information in a simple and efficient manner. Information shared by many product variants is maintained via a hierarchy of shared data making it easy and efficient to keep all your product information up to date. More complex product data can be saved as an individual solution making it quick and easy for you to search for particular specific products.
With Perfion your features can be defined exactly as needed. Some of the information may need to be translated into other languages. By creating a template in Perfion you can use any language to describe your product sheets, pricelists, and catalogs.


Perfion works in many different formats such as Adobe’s PDF format, web HTML, and also from within Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook or Word.
If you need to see the difference between two products, you simply need to mark the products and then use the ‘compare’ function in order for Perfion to show you the exact feature differences.
Perfion makes it easy for you to gather all product information, including data needed for web, tablet or smart phone. Perfion manages all data, even the more complex data. Using hierarchy management it is possible to group items by any desired feature or even multiple features. There is no limit to the amount or type of information that can be managed in the Perfion hierarchy, such as photos, videos, meta data and web reports.
In Perfion the entire hierarchy of data is visualized using an easy and simple data-view so you don’t lose perspective of which products are attached to which sections in your product hierarchy. In large and complex product hierarchies you often tend to lose the big picture. This is not the case with Perfion. When selecting a section in Perfion, the system immediately shows what products are attached to that section. And if you want to change the order it only takes one click on a button, and the products automatically get relocated in your hierarchy.  
In PicoPublish we recommend Perfion to all our customers as it is our opinion that Perfion is the best Product Information Management system.