Media Database and Image Server in Perfion


Do you need a media and image database to organize your graphical elements, then the solution is Perfion.

With Perfion, images, videos, drawings, flash and any other thinkable graphical format is structured and centralized.
In Perfions media database you can store high resolution pictures and should you have the need for the same pictures in low-resolution, these can be automatically extracted from the Perfions media server. Therefore, you only need one high quality image stored, and Perfion will make sure this picture is delivered in the appropriate format for use on webpages, catalogs and brochures.

Organize and structure your images in Perfions image database.

Build graphics-libraries and make exactly the structuring of images and graphics that give you the best overview.
Photos from the image database can be published directly on existing websites without being moved or converted to WEB formats. This is done via Perfions media server and API interface, which ensures that data is in one place at all times.

The media database with endless search options

You decide which and how many search enquiries to be made on your movie and image archives. Using Perfions configuration tool search fields are created with a click after which search data can be entered. The amount of search options and search filters is solely determined by you.

The most optimal search functions are always supported making Perfion the most flexible and versatile media database on the market.