Product Information Management - PIM

Product Information Management or PIM is about processes and technologies that are focused on collecting, optimize and publish product information. Managing product data efficiently has become a big challenge for many firms. Product data must be customized to fit pricelists, catalogs, web, e-Commerce and mobile devices.

Product Information Management is developed because of the high requirements for information and types of information that shows and describes a company's products in a variety of sales and marketing platforms. If you want to publish data on different markets and for specific customers, all information must be differentiated in order to fit the markets, currencies and languages. As a result, companies are forced to use many resources on maintenance and publishing their product data.

It has become necessary to have a flexible and scalable system setup, so you can concentrate on reaching out to customers and become the preferred supplier.

If you win in various sales and marketing channels requires enriched and optimized product informations, and it must be possible without putting the organization down.

Therefore, you have to look at PIM, rather than forcing all into the ERP systems, because it is simply far greater in doing it that way.

Product Information Management systems must generally support data differentiated in several different languages, for different markets and on different media such as print, PDF, websites, web shops, apps, data feeds to customers and suppliers and others.

All this must be handled while data is only one place in one version, so in that way you ensure what is called "Single Point of Truth", it means that there is only one set of updated product information per product which then is used extensively.

However, this process does not have to be an expensive business. With a smarter and more efficient PIM system, you will be able to save your business time and money. The solution is the Danish manufactured PIM system Perfion.

The following illustration shows the simple philosophy of Product Information Management: Centralicering of data -> Data maintenance and enrichment -> Publish to different channels




Perfion - a 100% standard PIM solution

The ultimate Product Information Management solution

Perfion is a powerful PIM and PLM solution for the maintenance and publication of product data. Since its release on the world market, Perfion has proven its unique technology through successful implementations with short payback / ROI of 6 to 14 months.

Perfion is a good investment, both short and long term.

Perfion = 100% product centralization.

What is Perfion' capabilities?

With Perfion, all your company's product data gets organized once and for all. ERP data, sales and marketing data, technical data and all other forms of product data will be handled by Perfion (pictures, movies, presentations, catalog and price list data, etc.). There are no restrictions, Perfion handles all product data, enabling the organization to identify all the data in one place.

Perfion handles all products

Perfion handles all products of any complexity. Does your product have a complex product structure, this will be supported by Perfions inheritance-tools , thus the maintenance work into top gear.

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Microsoft Dynamics


User Interface

Perfion is not dependent on other systems since the system has its own user interface. All customers can access Perfion regardless of whatever other systems they might use.

Microsoft Dynamics

Since Perfion is built on Microsoft technology, there has been made a special integration to Microsoft Dynamics ™ NAV and Microsoft Dynamics ™ AX. Thus making it possible to run Perfion directly from these ERP systems.
Perfions interface has the same structure and design as standard Microsoft Dynamics. ERP users might not notice when they are switching to Perfion, whereby 100% working continuity is achieved.

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Product database


The ultimate PIM - Product Information Management solution

Perfion is the ultimate product database. You create your own product database by describing your product in Perfion. As you describe your product, the system/product database builds itself with screenshots, update fields, lead texts and then puts a number of tools available, so you can quickly and efficiently maintain your products.

There os no need for a programmer to create the perfect product database for your products. Whether your product is a pen or a satellite, YOU can build a product database with Perfion.

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Media database


Your media database is called Perfion

Do you need a media and image database to organize your graphical elements, then the solution is Perfion.

With Perfion, images, videos, drawings, flash and any other thinkable graphical format is structured and centralized.
In Perfions media database you can store high resolution pictures and should you have the need for the same pictures in low-resolution, these can be automatically extracted from the Perfions media server. Therefore, you only need one high quality image stored, and Perfion will make sure this picture is delivered in the appropriate format for use on webpages, catalogs and brochures.


Language management


Language management

Is translations and language management a part of your everyday life, and do you need to store data in multiple languages​​? Then Perfion the right choice for you. Language control is a standard which means that data can be entered into Perfion in all the languages the company wants to support.

As Perfions language management is dynamic, new languages can be introduced in line with the company's international expansion.

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