PIM-COMMERCE - our own concept where we gather all the "best practices" and tools that provide best value compared to the e-Commerce solutions. The concept is knowledge about e-Commerce based on hundreds of user tests from around the world, along with the latest technology and design trends. It's about leveraging technology correctly, to achieve a simple and smooth integration and maintenance product information, and provide users with the best shopping experience.

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Dynamicweb All-In-One Business Platform

Dynamicweb All-In-One Business Platform <br /> <br /><!--@Item.ImageAltText-->

With Dynamicweb you do not need 3 or 4 different systems to manage your website, ecommerce, online marketing and social media presence.

All your data is in the same platform ready to deliver personalized messages across all channels.

Dynamicweb is delivered as an All-In-One Business Platform for large and medium enterprises with all available functionality and the ability to scale with enterprise service levels.


PIM-Commerce<br /><br /><!--@Item.ImageAltText-->

PIM - Commerce is a superstructure on Dynamicweb's All- In-One Platform with full integration to the PIM system Perfion where all data on products is maintained.

It also added extra functionality that is relevant to all webshops for example  filters which are easily modified and added to Perfion and product suggestions when searching.

PIM - Commerce is designed and ready to be added products and content, and it is easy to change colors, fonts, etc.  There is of course the possibility to organize in relation to the individual shop or even lay new design of the site.

The website is responsive and adapts to the most common screen sizes .

Content Manage­ment

Dynamicweb supports your business with a powerful web content management platform. It is user friendly and designed to handle all your content including deployment for multiple sites, mobile and personalization.


Dynamicweb CMS userface

Content Autho­ring All-In-One PIM-Com­merce
“Word like” editing of content  Check  Check
Edit directly on the website  Check  Check
Define and publish user specific content using item types  Check  Check
Draft mode, schedu­led publi­shing and direct publishing  Check  Check
Multiple websites in one dynamic solution  Check  Check

Mobile  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Full support for responsive design  Check  Check
Content adaption for mobile and tablets  Check  Check
Preview in favorit screen resolutions  Check  Check
Create mobile and tablet specific versions of your website  Check  Check

Multiple Websites & Languages  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Unlimited language versions of websites  Check  Check
Handle multiple of your websites in same solution  Check  Check
Let websites inherit structure and content from your master site  Check  Check
Use content delivery network (CDN) settings per website  Check  Check

Content Versioning & Workflows  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Unlimited versions of the website  Check  Check
View page at a specific time in the past  Check  Check
Restore previous versions of the website  Check  Check
Compare different versions  Check  Check
Setup multiple workflows  Check  Check

Media & Files All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Upload files or entire folders  Check  Check
Resize images   Check  Check
Browser based image editor  Check  Check
Automatic thumbnail creation  Check  Check
Tagging of Meta data  Check  Check
File and image gallery publishing  Check  Check

Specialized Content Publishing  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Create image galleries  Check  Check
Publish folders and files  Check  Check
News, FAQ, Maps, calendar events,  Polls and other content types  Check  Check
Web forms for user interaction  Check  Check
Host a forum on your website  Check  Check

Users & Permissions  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Unlimited user groups and users  Check  Check
Manage permissions for websites and pages for content editors  Check  Check
Use full impersonation for complete access to content  Check  Check
Personalize content with permissions  Check  Check
Protect content with authorization  Check  Check

Reporting  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Built-in reporting  Check  Check
Page and Website analytics  Check  Check
Integrate to analytics software eg. Google Analytics  Check  Check


Responsive webdesign


One platform supports both B2B and B2C solutions.

With individual branding and support international setups with local VAT, currency and delivery methods, Dynamicweb scales to multiple shops.

Sophisticated search capabilities like filtering, upselling and cross selling are available for better user experience and higher sales.

Product Infor­mation Manage­ment  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Best practice for standard product properties  Check  Check
Extendable product properties  Check  Check
Vary product properties based on each product type  Check  Check
Individual publication periods on products  Check  Check
Handle of related products - manual and dynamic   Check  Check
Variants - unlimited dimensions    Check  Check
Dynamic updated groups based on product properties search  Check  Check
Notifications - “back in stock”   Check  Check
Customer specific assortments  Check  Check
Define assortments for anonymous users  Check  Check
Inherit product category fields to subgroups  Check  Check
Video on produktdetails­page    Check
Different products images on each productpage    Check
Downloads of product images in high resolution    Check
View or download Datasheets on each product    Check
Liveintegration of product details from Perfion    Check

Shopping Cart  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Checkout flow - fully customized   Check  Check
12 build-in payment gateways  Check  Check
One-page checkout possibility  Check  Check
Shipping fee calculation including option for volume and weight  Check  Check
Payment fee calculation  Check  Check
Tax calculation including integration for US tax calculation  Check  Check
Save credit card information  Check  Check

Search, Filters and Facets  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Search using Lucene index  Check  Check
Type ahead free text search  Check  Check
Phonetic search  Check  Check
Narrow search results with facets and filters  Check  Check
Vary facets on product type or product groups  Check  Check
Search with autocomplete    Check
Liveintegrated Filters from Perfion    Check

Price Manage­ment*  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Multi-currency prices  Check  Check
VAT and sales tax grouping  Check  Check
Advanced price management – on 12 dimensions  Check  Check
Customer and user specific prices  Check  Add on
Add VAT group on product for each country  Check  Check

*Dynamic Integrated Automation of prices is Add on

Search Engine Optimi­zation  All-In-One PIM-Com­merce
User friendly over writeable URL’s  Check  Check
Prices, product ratings and review in Google search results  Check  Check
Products included in sitemap.xml  Check  Check
Handle duplicate content with automatic 301’s and canonicals  Check  Check
Full meta data and canonical support  Check  Check
Google Merchant Center feed  Check  Check

Discounts & Vouchers  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Built-in analy­tics driven cross- and up-selling  Check  Check
12 built-in discounts like free shipping quantity,  bundling etc.  Check  Check
Vouchers (general or unique )  Check  Check
Discount system – create specialized discounts  Check  Check
Time limited discount and prices  Check  Check

Global Ecommer­ce and Multi-shop  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Manage entire shop setup in multiple languages  Check  Check
Multi-currency support  Check  Check
Payment and delivery options varied by delivery country  Check  Check
Differentiated VAT based on each country  Check  Check
Multi delivery country setup  Check  Check
Country and region based fee calculations  Check  Check
Multiple shops in one solution Ver­sions speci­fik Ver­sions speci­fik

Order history and reordering  All-In-One PIM-Com­merce
Access full list of orders from multiple users with different user IDs  Check  Check
Order history for user with login  Check  Check
Favorite lists and multiple wish   Check  Check
Track and trace link handling  Check  Check
Accounts and sales representative login and impersonation  Check  Check
Return Merchandising Authorization (RMA) reporting and flow  Check  Check
Provide quotes that can be manually modified before turned into an order  Check  Check
Recurring orders  Check  Check

Scalabili­ty*  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Max number of products (per server) + 1 mio. + 1 mio.
Max products per category (per server) + 50000 + 50000
Max Ecommerce categories (per server) + 10000 + 10000
Cached output data  Check  Check
Network Load Balancing Add on Add on

*Scalability depends on the server setup for the given solution

Customer club – Loyalty Points  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Reward your customers with loyalty points when placing orders in the webshop  Check  Check
Create product assortments only available for purchase with loyalty points  Check  Check
Display customer balance and configure loyalty points  Check  Check
Use gift cards to purchase products  Check  Check


Customer center - view orders


Check Out


Product detailspage




Drive more traffic, generate leads, create campaigns, and raise conversions through Dynamicwebs comprehensive marketing platform.

Email Marketing & Campaign Automa­tion All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Page based emails - reuse content  Check  Check
Personalized emails   Check  Check
Define dynamic segments of recipients  Check  Check
Split test two versions of your newsletter  Check  Check
Extended reporting and analytics of recipients actions and links  Check  Check
Delivery using authorized mail servers to avoid spam trapping (SendGrid)  Check  Check
Abandoned shopping cart campaigns  Check  Check
Send text messages (SMS) to customers and user groups  Check  Check
Sign up for newsletters    Check
Add popular products tagged from Perfion to Newsletters    Check

Search Engine Optimiza­tion  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Full control of meta data for all pages, products and other content  Check  Check
SEO recommenda­tion engine built in   Check  Check
Control URL layout and overwrite names in URL  Check  Check
301 redirect any URL to new location  Check  Check
Handle duplicate content with automatic 301’s and canonicals  Check  Check

Split Testing All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Test different versions of your design and content  Check  Check
Improve conversion rates by testing different call to actions  Check  Check
10 different conversion metrics to test on    Check  Check
Compare conversions of original and variation  Check  Check
Pick winner based on manually or statistical significance   Check  Check

Social Media Publis­hing All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Publish messages to Facebook and Twitter   Check  Check
Integrate to multiple accounts on each media  Check  Check
Publish new content to social media in one click  Check  Check
Measure incoming traffic from posts and tweets  Check  Check

Lead Genera­tion All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
View visitor statistics sorted by their engagement on the website  Check  Check
Get company names (where available) on anonymous visitors  Check  Check
See entire visit information like viewed files, pages, downloads etc.  Check  Check
Get notification if selected companies re-visits your site  Check  Check
Send lead information as email to relevant people  Check  Check
Get ecommerce information on your leads in the Lead Tool  Check  Check

Product Recommen­dation All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Automatic gathering of visitor data Add on Add on
Generate a model based on related products and customer behavior Add on Add on
Display relevant products to each individual visitor Add on Add on


Deliver an exceptional user experience by using advanced personalization to serve the most relevant content or product to each visitor.

Profiling and Segmenta­tion All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Detect segments based on behavior  Check  Check
Detect segments based on 12 different characteris­tics  Check  Check
Assign segmentation points on content  Check  Check

Persona­lization  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Personalize email campaigns  Check  Check


Consistent online experiences, across different channels and different devices, requires data integration and Dynamicweb offers a set of integration capabilities

Integration Framework  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Predefined inte­gration formats for products, groups, users etc.  Add on  Check
Predefined field mapping  Add on  Check
Easy setup of integration jobs  Add on  Check
Synchronize less changed data like product information  Add on  Check
Integration to Perfion Product Information Manage­ment system  Add on  Check

Data integration  All-In-One PIM-Com­merce
Integrate any data  Check  Check
Import or export data in various formats like XML, CSV or databases  Check  Check
Setup pipelines of integration jobs  Check  Check
Scheduling of integration jobs  Check  Check
Reporting and email notifications  Check  Check
Extended logfiles    Check

Ecommerce Specific Integrations  All-In-One PIM-Com­merce
External payment providers - 17 built­-in (extendable)
  • AuthorizeNet­AIM
  • AuthorizeNet
  • Beanstream 
  • Buckaroo
  • BBS
  • ChargeLogic
  • CyberSource
  • DIBS
  • DocData
  • ePay
  • Fakturabeta­ling: Handelsban­ken (DIBS), Klarne and PayByBill
  • GarantiBank­OOS
  • Klarna Faktura and afbetaling
  • Klarna Checkout
  • Ogone
  • PayPal Express
  • Quickpay – (transaction fee may occur)
 Check  Check
Shipping cost providers - 4 built­-in (extendable)
  • GLS
  • Packsoft (Post Danmark, Posten.se etc.)
  • USPS
  • UPS
 Check  Check
Avalara tax provider (US sales tax calculation)  Check  Check""
Services for address validation (DK)  Check  Check

Development Platform

Design  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Template driven design with full design freedom  Check  Check
Rapid implementation using simple markup  Check  Check
Define any numbers of dynamic content placeholders and navigations  Check  Check
Responsive webdesign ready for content implementation    Check
Design includes variants options for the basic styling    Check
Paragraph templates with 252 combinations    Check

Dynamicweb offers a fully flexible and configurable platform that can easily be modified and extended to support your business processes.

It is based on .NET technology and can be extended by using Visual Studio to maximize developer productivity.

Development  All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
Extend or change default behavior using the extensibility framework  Check  Check

Technology All-In-One  PIM-Com­merce 
.NET 4.6 (ASP.NET)  Check  Check
ISS 7+ på Windows 2008+  Check  Check
SQL-server 2012  Check  Check
Multi browser suppport (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and Edge)  Check  Check