Perfion Services

PicoPublish offers a range of Perfion services to give you more options in your daily work with your products.

A media bank to share your product media assets with retailers and other collaborators

PIM Commerce
A webshop based on the Dynamicweb platform, which ensures your clients the best online shopping experience


Campaign Manager
An efficient tool to help you control your campaigns  

Product PIM WebPortal
A webportal which gives e.g. your suppliers, translation agency or own employees access to the company's product data and add more information to your Perfion solution.

Perfion Event Logs
Logging of all changes in Perfion, so you can easily see who has changed a product and when  

Export and Import of Data
Different services to import or export product information from your Perfion solution

We offer additional safety services, if the need should arise  

Service which enables your Perfion solution to access any source of product data within or outside your organisation 



For Further Information

Please contact me to know more about how your business and Perfion solution can benefit from this service.

Jon Phillip Bodholdt
CSO & Partner

T: +45 70270504